General Inquiries


The Independent Anglican Church, Canada Synod, 1934 is in need of faithful, traditional clergy and postulants who have found themselves dis-enfranshised because of the turmoil in the church over the many changes that have taken place with regard to Scriptural and moral issues. If you are interested in becoming affiliated with the IAC; Please contact the Synod office. We would like to hear from those of good character who are dedicated to the Ministry of Jesus Christ and are willing to help out with an established congregation, or, would be interested in forming a Mission in their own city. At this time, stipends are not paid to our clergy, as all are in voluntary service to Christ. This is a period in history where it is important that the Gospel of the Lord Jesus be preached with urgency. Please use the following form to inquire.

N.B. Those considering entering the ministry of the IAC will have their backgrounds checked.