Traditional Anglican Church of America

The Traditional Anglican Church of America (TACA) is a constituent autonomous Diocese within the Independent Anglican Church, Canada Synod. Unlike most dioceses TACA is not geographically defined but is an international jurisdiction.

Formerly called the Anglican Convocation of the Good Shepherd, we are not in communion with the Episcopal Church in the United States of America or the Anglican Communion. More closely aligned with the Continuing Anglican movement, TACA tends to lean in a broad church or (low to middle church) direction both in liturgy and theology.

We use the 1928 American Book of Common Prayer but allow the use of any historic and authorized Book of Common Prayer which predates the 1928 American edition. The church also accepts the Affirmation of St. Louis and the Thirty-nine Articles of Religion.

The Traditional Anglican Church of America bears witness to the faith and practice of the Undivided Church as received from the Church in England, especially concerning Apostolic Order and Holy Matrimony.

The Presiding Bishop is The Most Reverend Dr. Rick A. Reid.

Contact Information

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Traditional Anglican Church of America
712 North Deal Ave. Newton, NC 28658
Email Address: bishopreid01@gmail.com
Phone# 828-291-5631